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Arie Levy
Founder - CEO

As an Architect and founder my mission is to create a bridge between imagination and reality using the most advanced technologies available to communicate.

Israel Levy
Founder - Creative Director

I am an Industrial Designer who understands the value of every detail. After 10 years of living the 3D world I can tell you that the imagination has no limits.

Sydney Sherman
Marketing Director

I like to create marketing in a new level of aesthetics and communication. I am here to help those who want to achieve impactful and beautiful campaigns.

Established in 2010, PYXZEL is a visualization and marketing agency specialized in delivering top quality rendering services visualizations and strategies for Real Estate developers, architects and designers.​

We deliver top quality architectural cgi (computer generated image) for those in the need to sell their ideas, projects and developments.​

We know that to put a brilliant idea out in the world is hard, so we offer complementary marketing services to help the firm or developer to achieve their goals.​

Hundreds of satisfied clients with thousands of images and visualizations going around the world are the result of working with each one of them to achieve their expectations.

We have worked with some of the greatest firms nationally and internationally to achieve our mission:

to visualize the unbuilt Architecture and Design of tomorrow.

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